Need Help with a music player app

Hello, I am trying to make a music player app using the file picker but I can’t seem to get it to work, I have a media screen that you can upload a file to a list using the file picker but what I try to do is save the file after it has been picked to a stored variable, and then when I want to play the file later I set the sounds source to that variable but it doesn’t work properly.

Do you mean to be setting Sound1’s source in both the [if] and [else if] sections?

I reworked the system alot and got it working properly, and much more efficiently now. The problem was for some reason it wasn’t properly saving it as a stored variable but once I changed it to a cloud variable it works perfectly. I was then able to only use 1 sound component instead of 20.

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It’s possible that you exceeded the app size limit of 50MB by using stored variables.