Community Maintenance January 21, 2021

Hi everyone,

We have another update for the Thunkable Community.
While this is happening, the Community will be down for about 20 minutes at 9.00 AM PT.
Discourse 2.7.0.beta1 contains no new features or other major changes. If you want to check out some features that were added to the Community recently, check out the blog post from when Discourse 2.6 was released: Discourse 2.6 released!



well i dont see any much difference in community

It won’t be updated for another 4 hours or so. PT is for Pacific Time. Since Thunkable HQ is in San Francisco we usually use PT

When it is updated you won’t see any user-facing changes, this is a backend upgrade.



No need for anyone to worry. It’s so far in the future no one alive today will be around when it happens.


Lol… didn’t notice that at first. The year 20201.

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:joy:Great to see the Thunkable team is planning for so far ahead in the future.

I was so confused when I first saw this - thanks @Dean_Artis

As it happens, we are planning an update for that day too @codeswept :joy:

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