[Solved] Is Thunkable down right now?

I’m getting this message when trying to access the site, the live-view has been playing up all day and load times are extremely slow.

Welcome to the community @chris.bailey230698t !!! It could be they are working on their servers. I believe updates are coming and this may mean downtime. It also be other issues but I am Kalamazoo, MI USA and experiencing the same issue.


Hey @jared, thanks for the welcoming! Finally got back onto completing my final project today and have been dealing with this all day - along with the fact I’m totally stuck with a few things on Thunkable anyway! Hopefully it’ll all be sorted shortly :slight_smile:

yes i am also seeing its down

I too are getting the 521 error.

If this routine maintenance it would be nice if that was posted somewhere

Thanks, but unfortunately not @jared & @Mikas_3D - at the moment one of the services the we use is experiencing issues, and we’re seeing reduced availability at the moment.

Thanks for bearing with us @chris.bailey230698t as we get everything up and running again. If there’s anything in particular in your project that you’d like some advice on, please just let me know.

Whenever we do routine maintenance we make an announcement here in the community. The team are working hard to get everything fully up and running right now. At the moment there seems to be limited availability for some users, but we’ll keep everyone posted here.

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Thanks for the update Domhnall.

I’ve been in this situation numerous times in my IT career and fully understand :slight_smile: .
We await your updates

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Thanks for the update @domhnallohanlon, keep up the good work! :smiley:

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Thanks for the update :pray: @domhnallohanlon

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@jared @chris.bailey230698t @rem708 @Mikas_3D

This should be resolved now - my projects are visible again can you all try refreshing and let us know it it’s working again for you?

Thanks for your patience!


All working for me :+1: :+1:
Thanks @domhnallohanlon

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Nope broken again!

@rem708, for me it loads all the sample projects and then loads my projects maybe a second or so later, but other than that everything seems to be working fine for me.

Can you let me know if there’s been any change for you?


Sorry did not see this as I was busy reporting another issue once the platform was back up.

All working just fine now.

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