[Solved] Does this mean an update was released?!?!

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Hmm… clearing the cache on my browser didn’t resolve this. And then I refreshed the page again and saw a “web server is down” message. So I think Thunkable may be having some hosting issues.

Also, there are not any update notes for today: https://docs.thunkable.com/release-notes

I am having the same issue. I thought it was my app as am reaching 2500 blocks and I was just slowing down.

Maybe they are doing some upgrades? Maybe new releases???

how fast is responding your blocks editor with 2500 blocks? , I struggle with only 200

Hi there,

Thunkable is updated pretty regularly, though not all of the updates are as exciting as a new component!

This message normally does not accompany site updates. It should no longer be visible to anyone visiting x.thunkable.com.

Thanks for pointing this out!


You can ignore it. It will disappear automatically. It happened with me and I ignored it because it did nothing then it disappeared.