[Solved] Thunkable became very slow

x.thunkable.com became very slow the last two days
am i the only one who is facing this problem?
i even opened a new project to check if it slow due to the number of blocks but it is not, even with the new projects which has very few blocks is very slow

What’s your internet speed like?

Have you restarted your computer?

18 Mbps, but the block number didn’t change in the last two days, actually it didn’t change because i couldn’t work because of this issue

Yes, i have restarted it but did not work, thr other websites work fine, even in thunkable design page, but once i open the blocks page the problem starts

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How many blocks in the offending screen?

9000 blocks, but as i said, this issue suddenly happened

Actually it was not slow, next day i started my lap top to work it was not possible to work at all

I even tried another device but same issue happens when i open the blocks page

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I also get it slow… but I have 100 MBPS. It also doesn’t run some blocks.
(I don’t have so many)

The exact thing has been happening to me and I have already reported it. On top of that, I keep “losing” Blocks screens where suddenly the entire screen will become inaccessible (it just comes up as blank–with no blocks, no UI, no nothing) and unrecoverable, costing me countless hours of work. This has happened at least three times.


Hello, why thunkable is getting slower and slower in the design interface and blocks interface?

A member of our team is investigating this issue. Could you please post your Project URL here (or DM it to me if you do not feel comfortable sharing it in public)? The more examples we have of this, the more likely we will be to isolate and fix whatever the issue is.

Thanks, all!

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This is my app

Thanks for sharing these, everyone. We have added them to the list for the team investigating this issue.

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Hi all, we just sent out v422-1 which has some improvements in performance specific to these projects. If you can take a look at your projects when you have a chance, let us know if you are able to use the blocks tab a bit easier now.

As always, you may need to perform a hard refresh of your browser to get the update through.


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Thank you and thanks to the team, the problem has been solved.

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