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Thunkable Community Forum Posting Guidelines

In order for all Thunkers to have an enjoyable, collegial and collaborative experience, we’ve created a few ground rules and best practices to make these forums a great place for discussion:

Who may participate? Everyone! We would like every one of our Thunkers to contribute to the forum to grow the Thunkable community. Helping each other will allow everyone to continuously build and improve their mobile apps! Only topics related to app building on the Thunkable platform will be permitted and individuals who abuse this may have their community permissions suspended.

Choose the most appropriate category for your topics/posts. To allow fellow Thunkers to most easily find and respond to your posts, please use the appropriate category. Do not post in multiple categories. Content that is posted multiple times will be removed so please post once in the appropriate forum.

Create topics and posts related to the forum’s category. Posts that are completely unrelated will be removed.
Search. Before starting a new topic or post, please use the search feature in the top right of the forum to see if a fellow Thunker has already started a relevant thread that you can contribute to.

Make your posts easy to read and concise. Help other Thunkers get the most of your post by being concise, clear and to the point. Please do not use ALL CAPS or excessive emoticons and only include only important URLs (posts with excessive URLs will be removed).

Remember when people respond to your posts, they are doing YOU a favor. Be patient and help your fellow Thunkers out by posting good descriptions of what you need help with or information that you are sharing. Respond kindly to those that provide you with valuable information.

Remain respectful of all other Thunkers at all times. All posts must remain professional and courteous. No swearing allowed. Every Thunker has a right to their own opinion and every Thunker also has the right to disagree with fellow Thunkers as long as he or she clearly explains their perspective in a kind and respectful manner. Attacking, insulting, belittling fellow Thunkers will 100% not be tolerated and may result in suspension of the offender’s posting privileges.

Posts that do not follow the above guidelines will be immediately removed.

Happy THUNKing!

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