A few suggested Thunkable features to produce truly professional apps

The ads doesn’t make it any more professional oriented. It just means you can place ads in the same apps you can make in App Inventor. I’m talking of real features that makes Thunkable more suitable to develop professional apps. Name some please.

I’m not attacking you. You may be disorganized when programming with blocks, when other people is not. That’s it. You shouldn’t take everything I say as an “attack”, LOL!

This is an example of how you can make a complex app while being organized. Not attacking you or anything, relax! LOL!

As I mentioned at some point, the inventor has 1 difficulties that you can never overcome that is the use of the ram so that between fewer blocks aya in the block panel will be much better.

When I started to program in inventor I had 4 GB and a core duo and I got a point where it could not be built using that hardware configuration.

That limit has an easy explanation. Because originally this platform was not meant to be used as a professional platform. That limit still persists until today.

First of all, the question actually was not, if App Inventor or any of its distributions is more professionally oriented. The question also was not, if providing extensions for simple tasks is useful or not…

The question was about colors and hex values. Usually we use color blocks for colors and we have the possibility to use the make color block to create any color, also we can use integer values. Now is it a good idea to use hex values instead of the existing philosophy?

And probably the next extension developer thinks, it’s a good idea to use CMYK values for another color extension…

We also can ask more generally: should extension developers follow the existing App Inventor design decisions and philosophies or not? What will create less confusion?

PS: let me suggest @moderators to move this discussion into a separate thread…

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I think that if the developer wants to use a different color notation, it should be specified in the title of the extension or in a description. Or offer the same block but with the standard App Inventor color notation. Otherwise, people who is learning (which is the main audience, btw) will find it confusing when installing the extension and not being able to insert a color block in the slots.

Nice example, too bad it is has nothing to do with what I was saying… I was talking about designer and arrangements.

I agree on this, when something new is added it should follow the specifics.
But I also understand what Andres said… @Andres_Cotes maybe you can provide both solutions? Like an hex and an rgb input (accepting the ai color blocks)

Those blocks are for my Video Poker app, which has a very complex matrix of arrangements, which I had to create in the designer by hiding and showing different arrangements to make everything fit and to be able to do that, you have to be well organized. Also, the arrangements turn visible, invisible and change color at runtime.
So the example applies.

Can you just stop arguing with everything, please.


Ok, I understand there isn’t space for different opinions.

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You start again, we got your opinion. You shouldn’t be harsh.
Please read Community Guidelines, where it says Be respectful to Thunkers:

We got your opinion & we (Me, @Italo & others) have a right to disagree.

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No era el unico que tenia los hex en la mente


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@Andres_Cotes thanks for the link…
which means, we will get a custom color to select any color in the designer… great!
see also

for details

That is a great addition indeed. But it doesn’t mean App Inventor changed its color notation to hex at all. In the blocks, at least for now, you specify colors either by placing a color block or make it with the rgba values.

Which makes me think: They should have added the rgb textboxes in the colorpicker too. New users will always find the rgb notation way easier than hex.

Hi @Andres_Cotes, I don’t understand, what you want us to tell concerning your graphic, you already showed it to us… you should follow the App Inventor design decisions and philosophies…

which means, in the designer use the color blocks to assign colors
in the blocks editor use color blocks or the make color block or an integer value
and as soon as the new custom color feature is available, we also should be able to use the custom color in the designer for your extensions
don’t use hex values, instead please use the existing philosophy!




Care to elaborate, please?

hola @Taifun , @Italo mensiona

But it doesn’t mean App Inventor changed its color notation to hex at all.

le muestro el grafico por que yo no quise cambiar la notación de color de inventor solo los bloques que facilitaban esa conversión por eso muestro el gráfico nuevamente para que visualice @Italo las entradas y salidas. y por supuesto es una mejora y en el momento que liberen el codigo hare la actualizacion para ya el color lo defina no un String si no la paleta de color que desarrollaron el equipo Principal de inventor.



Hi, how are you? I can not send you a private message so I write here. My name is Ricardo Soares, I am writing to ask for the creation of an extension that returns the value of the intensity of the sound picked up by the microphone. At all times the extension would be reading the audio input and returning the received sound level. A kind of VU metter, but I’ll use it in another feature. Summarizing: When you add the extension, it reads the audio input of the cell phone and returns the value read on a scale of 0 (zero) to 1000. In addition this extension must contain a block to define the sample time in millisecond. For example, I set the read frequency of the microphone input. from 1 to 100ms. Could you do this? What is the cost for this creation? How soon would it be ready? Thank you. I await your reply. Ricardo Soares. My email: