Circle image - background behaving weird?


Thanks for taking your time to read this. I’m making a timer app for us to make it easier to do start 2 run. I added a circular play and pause button via an image, but on live preview on my phone the button background is doing something weird…

Any idea what could be causing it?

Button’s properties:


My app link:

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I’ll take a look at your project (thanks for including the link) but my first two thoughts are that your image file has a white background rather than transparent or you are using a background color for your Image component.

Edit: Well it’s not either of those. When I Live Test your project on my iPhone, the two “button” images appear as blank white squares. If you change the Picture Resize Mode from center to contain, it fixes the problem.


Ah, thanks a bunch for the help! Will try that once my exams are over. :slight_smile:


I am facing the same issue.

Did setting the Picture Resize Mode to contain resolve it?