Can't edit or preview projects

Anyone having display issues with Thunkable? When I open certain projects that I’ve worked on recently, the screens are blank and I can’t see or edit any components.

And when I Live Test in Thunkable Live or the browser, the screen is also blank, for multiple projects I’ve tried.

I cleared the browser cache in Chrome but that did not help.

I’m assuming this is a temporary problem…

Edit: I can Live Test projects in Thunkable Live now but not in a browser.


Just checked again and I still can’t preview projects in a browser. This is how it looks when I try to:



Can you try logging out and in?

I did. Clearing the cache forces a new login.


Login with the same Email id …Now I solved my Issue (The bold iitac letters)

I can confirm this.
Have to wait or reload to view the project:/

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