Blank Design pages

I was working on some login and log on screens. However when I got back to the project the next day the pages on the design tab are all blank.
When I check the code block everything is still there and when opening the preview on my phone everything seems to be there.
I however, cannot edit anything or place a new block

I already tried to copy it to a new project and restart from scratch but it does not seem to work. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks!

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First clear the browser cache. In Windows, while in the main Thunkable page that shows the list of projects, click Ctrl+Shift+R all at the same time
Then try to open the project from the project card in the main screen using the Project Detail Page.

From there see that the preview is available and click the Edit Project button to see it works.

This always works for me.


Thank you! That solved my problem.

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