Cannot edit project

help!! i can’t edit my project in thunkable x
when i press edit in thunkable home page its went into a blank page
what should i do now…
anyone know what happen and how to solve this?

Hi @Ziyu, :wave:

Can you tell us a bit more about what’s happening here? Are you a PRO subscriber? Are you trying to copy a private project?


Hi, I am not a pro subsriber.
My situation is i had done my editing all my project. But for the next morning when i want to edit it again it goes into a blank screen. I don’t no why… I still can get into the thunkable x home page. Just i can’t get into my project and continue my editing.

Exactly same problem with all my old projects.

Though I can create a new one and every function is available in new project but for all old projects I just get a blank screen.

Hi , please give it another shot! Things should be working now :slight_smile:


Thanks @Christina_Wong Its working now.