Can I open the app with deep linking URLs and OneSignal?

As per title;

Is there a way to create a link that when sent to OneSignal as the URL, it will open the app?
(no specific screen)

Usually I believe this is done when creating the apps in Studio or XCode. As we can’t do this, I was hoping there is a way to get the app to open?

I could send users to the relevant App/ Play Store (in the app not on the web) , but that doesn’t always open the app.

I was thinking of using app:// itms-app:// or something, but all the info I can find is in reference to when coding from scratch. Though the Android “intent-filter” seems like it could be easy-ish for Thunkable to implement and capture the App ID when exporting(?)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @hdawc,

We’ve done some work on deep linking, but nothing ready to be released at the moment, and even then - I’m not sure that our OneSignal component supports this…so perhaps that would need to be updated too?

I appreciate that this would definitely be a nice feature to have, but is it something you must have in order to complete your project at this stage?

Could you ship a version 1 or a test version without it?


Keep me posted on the deep linking, I’m excited to hear you’ve got something in the works! I have a method I might try. I’ve always figured it could be possible with something like this:

a) an invisible web viewer on the first page to listen for injected java and respond accordingly to the data transmitted inwards OR a transparent label that pastes the URL’s data string from the link you clicked to launch the app.

b) The data would be in a string separated by &'s between userID’s from Firebase (which would have to be indexed), something to describe what kind of command it is for the blocks later, and the content ID in the following format, with a “.” to separate an additional variable: userID&post&postID, userID&like&postID.likedBY&userID, userID&comment&postID.commentBY&userID etc.

c) the middle parameter (in this case “post”) would be used to trigger blocks to open screens for the corresponding information, whereas userIDs would load additional variables like profile data, comments, etc and could be saved as app variables.

I haven’t tested/built anything like this yet, and I would have to find a way to pass that string through a link and have the code on the website launch the app (for example: and copy the parameter to the clipboard for step A.


At the moment, I’ve put the project this topic refers too on hold.

However, it would be great to allow OneSignal notifications to open the app. Even if it’s not for a specific screen. I can imagine many scenarios that could use these deep links to benefit both developers and users.

If there is movement on this, I would like to Beta test (I will be moving to a new Thunk account soon though)

For the time being the only thing I can thunk of is for the notification link to redirect to a web page, that redirects to the relevant device’s App Store or Play Store page, though that seems a bit confusing, but might be acceptable for technical users who just want to open the app…

Until Thunkable adds this feature, I don’t think there’s a way around it because the system doesn’t have a link to open the app (as far as I know) except from the App/Play store…