[Solved] Universal link to open native app

Hey all! Does anyone know a way to create a universal link to open the app?

Example: Send an email with a CTA that opens the app homepage.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Usually a link would have to refer to a website, and then if opened on a mobile device, the phone will recognise that it can be opened in a native app and will do that instead, and then opening the correct screen with the correct content. I do not believe this is supported in Thunkable X. Using a link to open a screen with specific content can be done easily with Airtable, you just have to manually program the links in a list, and tell the app that if the link starts with domain.com/users then open the show users screen in app, and retrieve the links data via Airtable. But I am almost certain that Thunkable X apps are not able to tell the OS that โ€œHey links that have that domain can be opened in my app, so do that!โ€.

If you think this should be a feature, submit it on the Thunkable GitHub Page.


As @eoinparkinson said,

What you want is, are specifically known as โ€œDeeplinksโ€.

I am afraid that Thunkable X doesnโ€™t support deeplinks currently :confused:

So -

Thanks! :blush:


Thanks @eoinparkinson and @kartik14

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You can make a deep link by going to the control menu at on the blocks screen. Then scroll to the bottom and select the โ€œopen linkโ€ block. Simply insert the url / link you want to open, the same way you would if you were using the web browser component. It works for most apps but some apps do not support deep links.