Deep linking included in a push to open specific page inside the native app

In our current app we can send from our middleware a push notification to the native app including a link. When user tabs the push notification, the app is opened from the background to the foreground and the linked page opens inside the app.

  1. Can something like this be done?
  2. What service is required to use?
  3. Can we connect our own middleware solution to the app?
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I don’t know your problem
Can you Detailed description

Well - its not a problem. Just asking if its doable :slight_smile:

Is it possible for the native app to receive a push message that also has a url-link for a specific htmlpage inside the app so that specific url is opened in a webviewer and the linked page is retrieved in that webviewer?

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Thunkable’s app is difficult to do, but you can do it with ai2 or kodular combined with aix

Thanks Tony - could you elaborate on the two links? ai2 link not working. kodular requires login.
“combined with six” what U mean?

Hello, apparently it would be a next feature of thunkable (deep link / url scheme) but there are still some doubts of feasibility on the part of the developer, maybe @domhnallohanlon will be able to say more … thanx … it is also very important for us and we are even thinking of stopping the thunkable solution because it is really blocking for what we want to do

ai2’s link is right now
six is error
It’s aix (a file)

What is Thunkable response to this? This is the killer feature we need if using Thunkable. Just discovered it yesterday and I like it a lot :sunglasses: IF this feature is possible


I would also like to know if it will be done and if so when? or if it’s abandoned


Its not only a question for the deep linking. Its also important that the badge counter is working on the app icon as well as inside the app

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the more, the better!

Hi @domhnallohanlon - would you be able to share your plans for that above or let us know if there is a workaround to achieve the same?