Can OneSignal Messages be set to open a certain screen?


OneSignal Push Notifications are great, obviously they can open a specific URL and in general they open the app.

Is there anything we can do to change the Screen that the user is taken to when they tap the Notification?

Or, is there any (meta) data that can be sent to the app from the push notification to facilitate this?

Thank you


Thunkable does not support deep linking and therefore this feature cannot be implemented.


I understand. Deep linking is something specific that would need to be implemented per app, right?

OneSignal has “Additional Data” that can be added when sending a message, I wonder if that can be passed through when the user clicks the notification in some other way, so that the app can receive that little bit of metadata, without having to deal with any URLs or links.



I will have to reiterate my answer again. You want to use deep linking without using the term itself and the bottom line is: It’s not available.

In other words, you cannot pass any info to the app when starting it. Thunkable does not have a way to receive external data at the start of the app.

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Okay, thank you.

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I was just thinking, what about in-app messages?
(Best In-App Messaging Software - OneSignal)

Once the user clicks the notification, they are taken into the app to then see the in-app message, so deep-linking may not be needed as it’s not an external link once the user is within the app, it’s just a button as part of the OneSignal SDK (I think?).

OneSignal has a facility to add a “Custom Action ID” (or URL) for the button of the in-app message.

I was wondering if there’s anything that can be done with this, as this data should already have been pushed into the app from OneSignal, therefore it might be available as a variable?

Thank you.


Well, that is deep linking. @muneer has it right here, @hdawc. We don’t support the feature you are asking about at this time.

That said, we do encourage users to make as robust as possible navigation components or to use the built in navigators. Obviously, this is not the same as deep linking, but for many this has been a suitable solution. Surely, deep linking can help with conversion rates and increase the overall UI. I would suggest that you put this into our github repository as a feature request.

We take our lead of the product from the consumers so… put it there and be heard! :slight_smile:


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