Push Notification click = specific action in app possible?

Is it possible to open a specific part/page/action of the app when clicking the onesignal push notification?
Is it possible to send different notifications to different users based on certain tags (I’ve seen there is the option in onesignal, i will have to test it out but the only one that seems usable to me is the geolocalization one)?
Is there a more in depth tutorial about it?

is this possible thunkable can do?

Hey @maxb & @thinkkable sorry for the delay replying to your questions.

This is known as deep linking, whereby clicking on a link will open a specific screen within your app.

To the best of my knowledge this isn’t currently possible with our push notification component - but this would definitely be a nice feature to have in the future!

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thank you @domhnallohanlon for your reply I hope to become a great feature in the future.

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This would be a sweet feature!