Can Firebase Dynamic Links work in thunkable?

Dear @tony.ycy.program
See this

This means that what you are asking for is not available but to have a sort of in the middle solution.

If you search in the community, other had previously asked about deep linking availability and the answer is NO.

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@super-coder If Android is available( My friend also said yes.) , I can use the website push function (one signal) to send a message, and then open the app with a deep link. As long as the app is opened, it will read the bulletin board (Google spreadsheet) and use the dialog box to display the latest news. Complete information.

What do y’all think? (Referring to android)

  • Works
  • Doesn’t work

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Dear @tony.ycy.program
A deep link in Android is something you design inside the app using Android Intent which is not available at the moment with Thunkable.

If you type twitter://{your-name} or fb://{your-name} (the part {your-name} should be according to app requirement) or any other the other apps that has browsable deep links you will see it working even if the app is not installed.

You might be able to make a workaround with Android App Links but this requires settings in the Android phone.

Happy coding.

will be publicly visible in asset/association files. it deos not mean it only works on stand-alone apps.



yes it deos requires settings in the Android phone. but this is to navigate beetwen apps.

as same as firbase


Both your comments don’t make sense at all.

I’m talking about settings in Android Studio with XML files and it is clear from your comments you don’t know it at all.

Please avoid cluttering posts with general comments that is not even contributing to the solution or workaround.


i know it. i was pretty confused when you said

you guess what ? I always read docs all day long.


Keep reading but don’t dump what you read here. Only mention what you tried and succeeded.


@super-coder I would second that comment. It’s really valuable to post a solution that you’ve personally tried and found to work. But just guessing or suggesting things that you think are related isn’t always helpful.