Can Firebase Dynamic Links work in thunkable?

Can Firebase Dynamic Links work in thunkable?
I tried android which works normally but iOS doesn’t know.

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Can you explain what is dynamic link

Dynamic link is as far as i know the text that turns blue When it contains a link.
This is a dynamic link.


I don’t think it is possible.
But what you can do is take a row but two label in one label type the url in the other starting with a space type the remaining sentence.

Can you show example to clarify?

I will tell you tomorrow where I leave currently it is night @muneer

Here is an example

It sounds like you can use an API to generate a dynamic link:

So if you figure that part out, then you can do something like this to display and open the link from that API:

*This is just an example, not an actual solution. You’d have to substitute the actual url for the API and any parameters required for the API Get call as well as the blocks needed for parsing the JSON response.

@tatiang I want to know about Firebase hosting too.

@tony.ycy.program said firebase dynamic links not regural hyperlinks.

They do the same but Then in apps.

Can’t access the website @super-coder

@muneer @tatiang @namitnagar

This is a deep link, which seems to work on android.

It can open the app, and the official website says that it can open a certain page, but I don’t think this seems to work (requires sdk).

Mine test:

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Does anyone have a way to make both iOS and Android available?

The workaround is to have this text in a label to act like URL.

Use the label click to take this URL and add it to open link block which will open the URL in the browser.

See this (which was sent by @namitnagar ) but I added the open link to the label click

Yes. Isn’t it what supposed to happen?



No, no, this is a function of the app that is detected and opened by the browser, not the opposite.

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