[Solved] After Password reset - how can I deep link back to thunkable

So I’ve searched this forum and have found a bunch of old unresolved and unanswered topics. I am hoping I have more luck

As the topic name suggests, I am looking for a way to redirect the automated password reset sent to a user from Firebase back to the app. The only thing I can think of is to use replace the firebase url with the thunkable web app url to that particular page.

Has anyone had any luck having an external url get redirected to a screen in a thunkable app? Or a url be redirected to the app in general?

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After the name edit (thank you @jared) I did a search for “deep linking” and as of January of 2022 it is not instituted in Thunkable.


First of all, Thunkable does not support deep linking.

Having said that, you can still make use of Firebase to create what is similar to it. The Firebase solution will redirect to the app or to the play store if the app is not installed.

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If you look at my previous post, i just said that thunkable doesnt support deep linking. And firebase dynamic links can only emulate redirecting to the app but not a particular place within the app

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What I read from your post is you want to open the app after password reset. This means your next time to use the app should be the login screen which is usually the starting screen in the app. In this case, Firebase linking is suitable.

I might not have explained my reqest properly, I wanted to open the password reset page in Thunkable, which is currently not possible

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Can you explain further?

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During the password reset, I want a user to get an email from firebase authentication, and click the link they get, and they get redirected back to the app, and it opens the password reset page within the app. The deep linking to a particular page is currently not possible.

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How do you do that?

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