How can my Thunkable app call another app?

I would like to create a menu type app that calls other apps. The called app may be a regular app on the smartphone like the Calculator, Clock etc. or it may be an app built by Thunkable.

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If you mean that you want a Thunkable app to open another app on a phone, I don’t believe that’s possible. It can open websites but not apps.

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You can make use of the Dynamic Links of Firebase to open your app.

Another way is to use URI generators such as

Do those only work for apps you’ve created or would they work for 3rd party and system apps?

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Yes, I want to open the other app.

You mean something like this flow?
[App1] > [Firebase] > [App2]


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I found the Deep Linking with the Open Link block by Thunkable. But it seems that you can’t open another Thunkable app using this. Any updates on this topic? Thank you.

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See this video which explains how to implement Dynamic (Deep) Link in Firebase.

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