[Solved] How can I let my web app know the kind of device type it’s running on?

Just want something simple like this, but I want it to work on a published web app.
Currently if I open this on my iPhone or Android phone it always just says Unknown.

Thanks for any help

Do you need it to look’/function different based on being a web app on either. iOS or android?

No it’s just going to forward properly to either the Google Play store or the iOS App Store depending on the platform they’re using

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Might have to default to 2 buttons for now.

Ultimately my goal was to create 1 QR code for customers to scan and the link auto send them to the appropriate app.

Is there some other method to make this happen?

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Surely there’s a simple http method to determine this, just needs to know if it’s android or iOS for now

I think I’m going to use whatsmyos.com and just look for text “android” or “iOS” and go from there

I’m seeing if I use the web API to do this it tells me my OS is Darwin

Create a Firebase Dynamic link.

It will automatically transfer users to the correct store to install the app.


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Thanks, I found this video you’ve posted in the past.
But I’m not getting quite the exact same steps as in the video, I get to a point where I’m supposed to verify ownership of web.app domain, and of course I don’t so I get this information.

I got passed this section, you have to use the Google provided links by typing something unique such as mylink.page.link and just replace mylink with whatever you want.
There’s a possibility your first choice will be taken just append it with 1 or whatever and it’ll probably work.

Now I’ve added my apps from each store to the dynamic link.

At the end it asks you if you want to Skip the app preview page (not recommended)

I chose to skip that because I didn’t like the preview page that appears before going to the App Store, instead my link just forwards directly to the App Store.

I’ve also created a QR code out of it with the client’s logo.

Thanks all for the help

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That’s great.

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