Blood Pressure And Temperature Checker (New App)

Hello Friends, am Excited to share with you my new Thunkable App and i invite everyone to download and try it and give me Feedback on Google Play store Page.

Here is the Link to App; Blood Pressure and Temperature Checker
A Review and a Rating for the App will Generously be appreciated as well.

Featured Extensions are:

  1. Fab Extension made by @pavi2410 and @Sander0542
    2.Tools Extension made by @Taifun
  2. Dialog Extension by @Helios
  3. Web Viewer Dialog Extension by @ILoveThunkable and
    5 . Snackbar Extension by @Andres_Cotes
    Thank you all guys for these power Extensions. and Thanks to every one else :kissing_heart:

Could you tell us the working behind it?

@Helios Please come again with your question

What kind of sensors does it use? Do you use a camera? A separate third party external sensor?

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No! it has no camera and no third party Sensors. However am working on a new app (Facial Detection App; which am hoping would use the camera and maybe some third party api. Everything in this app is purely based on logic. i saw a lot of similar apps on the Store and i wanted to make one with Thunkable that matches or beats those app and i hope i did)

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Without using camera and sensors, how can you predict blood pressure and temperature? @Brainwork

Very entertaining app

@Aaryan_Verma it is an app for Fun, entertainment and Educational Purpose Only. (Not intended to Replace Hardware Medical Facilities- Please Read App’s description at the play store. Thank you :smile: :kissing_heart:)

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@sultani Thank you Very Much! :kissing_heart:

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Oh… Okay got you.

Wonderful UI! You have made the best use of all the extensions.

BTW, what are the dimensions of image used in FAB? They look quite sharp.

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Thank you my Friend

Am using an image dimension of 60 X 60px. i used 96 initially but the fab button appeared normal on a Tablet and pixelated on my phone(480X800) so i had to reduce the size

Thank you bro

@Brainwork, maybe you should a PRANK or FAKE to the name of your app in the Play Store, because people start giving 1 star when they see its not real. BTW, great app. I am going to prank my friends :joy:


Thanks @Sander0542 Will consider doing that within the week

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Name updated. thanks

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Knowing that it’s a well designed app. Which skin-graphics did you use for button design?

@Denis First of All thank you! :kissing_heart:

Secondary, The button design, App icon etc. were all designed using Adobe Illustrator. But the Scan button is the default Thunkable button ; i just changed the shape to oval and changed the background color as well
Hope it answers your question. Thanks

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My Lovely Thunkers, Please What do you think about this Self -Made App video Demo :sweat_smile: Thanks!


how did you make the ad and what pulgin did you use for the loading bar please Tell me