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Good morning, this is my first post. I’m writing from Italy.
I’m building an App for Android and i don’t know how to insert the Vumeter extension in this application. I would want same help, thank you.
P.S i apologized for my bad english.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

Do you mean you want to add an extension to Thunkable project? Thunkable X does not allow adding extensions like App Investor.

Thank you for your reply.
I would like to build an application that if the sound level exceeds a pre-set value, turns the screen red, otherwise it stays green.

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These are the available sensors in Thunkable


Can you use any other them to get what you want?

I don’t know how to use these sensors to detect the sound level.

At this time, we don’t have access to the auditory sensor to identify sound levels. What kind of app are you trying to build!?

an app that when the level sound is over 50 db the screen turn red if is under 50db turn green.