All Sensors in Just One App [Update of v2] - My First App

Hey there,

App Name and Link:
Here is My App: All in One Sensor’s (Google Play Store Link)

App Screenshots:

App Introduction, Concept and Purpose:
This is my First app, Made with Thunkable, this app Includes four Sensor’s:

  1. Accelerometer;
  2. Light Intensity Scanner;
  3. Location Sensor;
  4. Magnetic Field Strength Sensor

Purpose of this app is like “all-in-one” and the user not have to download Multiple Apps for Different Purposes, as this app includes them.

Still I’m working Hard to Put Another Sensor’s like “Barometer”, “Proximity sensor”, etc., and the app will be Update with These Features.

App Developer Introduction and Thoughts of mind:

I @Dhananjay_Satanure, 16 years old guy, made this app :grinning:
It was a Great and First Experience to Build the App with Thunkable,
The main Reason to Choose Thunkable were:

  1. They share 95% Revenue and Keeps Only 5% with them,
  2. Drag-and-Drop Feature,
  3. Many Extensions Available to make things Easy.

Well that’s it!

Special Thanks and Acknowledgement:
Many Thanks to @Taifun, for his Mind blowing Extentions. As well as Thunkable Community.

Any Suggestions are Welcomed, Please Reply to This Post…


Hey @Dhananjay_Satanure, congratulations on your first app! It would be useful for us Thunkers if you provide some screenshots and explain a little more what your app does. App icons can be created with Android Asset Studio by romanurik


it is you who should take a little effort and provide some screenshots… that is part of marketing of your app, isn’t it?



As you Wish Sir,

I’ve Released A Major Update for My App “All in One Sensor’s”.

Update Includes:

  1. Major Bug Fixed
  2. Added Magnetic Field Strength Checker
  3. And also added, Light Intensity i.e. Luminous Intensity Checker

Any More Suggestions are Welcomed, Please Reply to this Post…
Waiting to Hear from you!

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A while back @pavi2410 created a great app called VR Compatibility Checker that used these values and created an app the addressed the specific needs of virtual reality enthusiasts.

I’d recommend that you find a “tribe”, like Geocachers for example, and then tailor your app so that everyone who enjoys this will find your app useful.

Dear @domhnallohanlon, Sir, It was a Great Pleasure to me, that you took your time to Give me some Suggestion, which I would Appreciate.

VR Compatibility Checker: Yes this app Seems to be similar to Mine One and Now as it had reached 8k download Milestone which is Happy for Any App Developer.

Well first for all, Thank you so much for this Recommendation, and I’ll try my Best to Roll-out this app (as it is my first app), with Maximum Effort Possible.

I’ld Love to Hear if you give some Suggestions to Improve my App.
Happy to Hear fr you, and thank you so much for Posting Here…

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Hey there,
It’s been less than 1 month and My app “All in One Sensors”
Hit 500+ Download.

Thank’s for everyone’s support…

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Congratulations @Dhananjay_Satanure!