Some Feature requests

i hope u could add place for extensions some more components for ui , sensors , media , etc

Thanks @eko.devs.apploroceo,

Which UI components are you looking for in particular? Did you see that we launched a new a new UI component last week?

We currently have 5 sensors available in the platform, and there are a wide variety of media components available too.

Thanks for your feedback.

components to be added 1.card view 2. action floating 3.loading icon with some changes 4.surface view
5.barcode call 7. amazon banner 8.emotion recognizer , navigation , line string etc map components 10.ocr .
also add different resolutions like iphone se ,oneplus 6t ,etc.
also extension importing place

i am really sorry for too many updates but if u add them i will be kind of you
thank you too much
how can i repay ur team

Done: How to make a floating action button (10-min solve)

The loading icon now has styling options:

I’m not sure what this is…can you elaborate?


here: Share - Thunkable Docs

These ones earn more money: Ads by AdMob - Thunkable Docs

Done: How to use Emotion Recognizer with Thunkable X

here: Map - Thunkable Docs

I don’t think there’s a “definitive” way to do this yet, but lots of people have added OCR to their Thunkable projects already:

This is on the way, our beta testers have access to it already

There are no plans to add this in the near future.


I am sad

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I don’t understand why you think you need extensions? What sort of app are you building? Who is your target audience?

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This is for young parents who want to teach their 3-5 year olds in a new and live manner rather than through printed books.i m also creating other apps for which I need the use of extensions

Sounds like a great idea for an app.

Can you give me some specific examples of the features you want to implement in your app and can’t find in Thunkable?


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What extensions do you want? JavaScript solutions are already able to be implemented.

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i am making an app in which there should be image recognizer and emotion recognizer . it shall tell tags , description , etc . text to speech also added to them . by using taifun tools i want to copy cut paste extension . couple of search engines in web viewer . all ui i will try on my own . it should not crash on ios and adroid and buttons images labels should not go out of screen that is why i wanted resolutions.

i am also about to start yt channel so in coming days i will require more components , etc
thanks @domhnallohanlon and @jared