Heart rate measurement

Hi. some applications allow you to measure your heart rate with a camera. Is it possible in thunkable?

Thanks for the question @stronazyskuup,

This isn’t a feature that you can currently use in Thunkable, and just in terms of setting clear expectations, this isn’t something that we’re actively working on adding to the platform either.

Wondering if this is the core element of that app you’re planning or if it’s a small part of a larger health/fitness app?

We’ve seen lots of creators build and launch other sorts of health and fitness apps with Thunkable, so let us know if there’s anything we can help with there.


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it is a small part of the application. if I could somehow determine the heart rate, it would give additional statistics (number of calories burned).

We used to just count for 6 seconds and add a 0 to the end - maybe you could create a 6 second timer for your users and allow them to enter the value manually in between reps/sets?

It mightn’t be perfect, but probably good enough for a v1, right?

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