Blank project bug

After erasing lots of duplicated components my project went all blank and it looks like I don’t have any screen.

I’d been working on this for a school project and I’ll have to send it soon.

Is there any way I could restore my project or someone could tell me what’s wrong with it?

I have already tried to create a new screen, download the APK and tried to view the document (it’s also empty).

Hi @s.mora.osyznzgob, welcome to Thunkable! :tada:

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Could you please share the specific project URL with us so we can investigate it further?

You could copy it from the top of your browser.

This way we could find the best solution for you.

Here it is:Progamació Link

It unfortunately just looks like the screen itself has been deleted here. We don’t have any way to restore the project but after remixing the project, it does allow me to add a new screen.