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If you’re using Thunkable in your class this semester then let us know about it.

Teachers’ Lounge

We created the #teachers lounge as a dedicated space to discuss using Thunkable in your classroom and as a place to share any slides, lesson plans, quizzes etc. that you think the Community would benefit from.

Educators Group

We also have a dedicated group specifically for Teachers who Thunk. This is a great place to connect with peers and allows the wider community to recognise you as an educator.

It’s your Community

If there are any materials or resources that you want to add then please do. We’re always open to feedback and constructive criticism so feel free to share.


That is really nice. Every year, the school where I work in has a science show. Every year the students learn how to develop their apps using Thunkable and I am the person in charge of this Idea.


That’s so cool @fabioirmao - feel free to share any student projects with us here, or on social media and we’d be happy to promote the great work you’re doing!

Sure. By the way, how could I get a badge as Thunkable Educator?

Just added it to your account there now (you need to refresh your page?)

Good morning! So far, the badge is not appearing in my account. Could you check It, please?

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Hello there, @fabioirmao!



Yes, It Worked out…thanks you.

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Are your students participating in 2019 Congressional App Challenge?

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Hi @th084013aeoe, welcome to the community! :wave:

We’ve had plenty of involvement with the Congressional App Challenge over the past few year.

In 2017 @tysonseable won his district:

And in 2018 we announced an official partnership with the challenge:

Would love to hear more about your plans/ambitions/experiences too!

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