Back button on android doesn't work anymore

Hey everyone,

today I made an update to my app. I didn’t change anything about the navigation between screens, but suddenly the natural back button on android doesn’t work anymore. A week ago everything was fine.

Any ideas?


It’s normal don’t worry.

It’s probably been made cause on iPhone you don’t have the back button, so if you create an app and you can only test it on Android, you may forget that an iPhone user will not be able to confortably use it.

So if you want to go back, you will have to add buttons on the screen for it

Question is referring to Android and not iPhone. BTW provide link to app in play store.

The app is currently not online in the play store.

Maybe they changed something to the app builder, but I didnt find anyone mentioning it. I really want this enabled, because its the natural way to navigate on android. On iOS I use a stack navigator.

I know that it refers to android and my explanation was clear for why they did it.

and if i create the button to “back” you put the block “navite to screen” ?
Because if you put this, the app dont back, the app goes, if you do this many times your app will be slow.

Yes I mean navigate to screen, but I don’t understand what you wrote, why the app goes slow?

Try to do this several times, go to a screen you want to go to and on that screen with the button replay it several times, after doing this many times the application starts to get slow because it will be overloaded, after all it is not coming back, it is just going forward.
If you pay attention on the screen of your cell phone, the animation to change is going forward and never backwards.

One option would be to use a stack navigator, but there are no customisations and it just looks bad on android. Also there is no way to remove the bottom bar on android, so the non-working back-button would be very confusing to users.

Did you try to download and install on the phone?

Cause I have a feeling that it’s only on live test that the back button doesn’t work

I have, and it doesnt work either.

Ok, so I was wrong, I thought it was a design choice, but it’s a bug, and not a small one.

I’ve been developing my app to be usable on iPhone so I have various back buttons in the screens.

I believe you can specify what back button does… So in case you jump between a loading screen, the back button wont re direct to loading screen:

Loading screen? What’s that?

it is just a regular screen with no visual features except a loading icon, and it does background processes, like Firebase auth or Firebase Database communications.

All it is, is a screen that performs background tasks, and once they are done, it navigates to the requested screen.

When using apps that require you to have an account, I recommend creating a loading screen as such, that performs the firebase auth task. This gives a cleaner look to your app, and it allows for better security, and even admin control, if thats your thing.

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Hello everyone!

Has everyone seen Stack Navigator?

StackNavigator has it’s own Back btn
I am using this I noticed this issue very early that the "back btn is not working"

Have a look on one of my screens :

The above white bar is of StackNavigator

Thanks! :smile:

I rather than customize one by myself.I don’t like that arrow symbol.

If you customize it by yourself and use stack navigator,

You need to close every screen if you want to exit.

Read this topic : Stack navigator not working on my phone in both live and apk

I have customized already.