Question about the back pressed event

Yeah… I was also amazed by seeing the Screen [dot] back_pressed block…
I was like : it’s not in the release notes! when did it come?!

I think, back buttons on android are not working bcoz of this only. coz it’s a new block - we haven’t added anything to trigger when back is pressed… that’s why Thunkable is not letting us press back.

/ it’s my own dumb thought.

Hope seeing the App [dot] exit block soon! :smile:
Thanks! :wink:

You meant the phone built-in back button ? But my phone’s back button work :thinking:

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Is it Android?




Mine does not work for a month!
That’s why I added Stack Navigator… (it has it’s back button…)

My phone is HTC Desire 530

An Admin Comment please?
@domhnallohanlon @jane?

So, if the back button still work for you, until now you don’t have to add a stack navigator? :joy::joy:

I thought u read it… :rofl::joy:

Can someone describe in a little more detail what the issue is with the back button now? Is there something that used to work differently than it used to? If so, what exactly is it?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello there, @Mark, :wave:
Thanks for reaching out. :blush:

Let me tell you in description.

Around a month ago, when I was uploading v6 of my app, which is only for Android, till v5 everything was fast. after v6, the ap started hanging. each button took 6 seconds to respond, everyone needed to click the text_input 6-7 times for entering anything; the navigation became slow between.
I thought, “ok. this happens with every app sometimes” & ignored it.
I went till v9, then suddenly on every android device, the device’s default back button stopped working. even clicking tons of times, waiting as long as a minute for it should respond something…

I need to switch to stack_navigator because it has it’s own top-mounted back button.
Is it a bug? or something?

Hope u understand :smile:

What device u r using

Galaxy A50,

MI A1, Redmi Note5 pro, and many devices tested.

Yes, I have Redmi, that device cannot consist the back button.However, my HTC is able to use the back button.

Hi Kartik!

Thank you for pointing out the issue. Can you please share more information about this block? The location and a screenshot may be helpful for us to find out the issue on our side.

Thank you for your patience.


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Hello there,
Thanks for yr reply. :smile:
I just said that it does not appear in the release notes. :smile: