Way to manually navigate back in stackable navigator?

Hey folks,

I am just trying to figure out a way to navigate back to the previous screen in a stackable navigator. The thing is since unfortunately you cannot yet change the color of the stackable navigators header I set it to display none and made my own to match the app design. Unfortunately when I try to navigate back to the first screen with the button the first screen opens “on top” of the current screens instead of going back. It only works as expected with swiping back (iOS only)

Is there any way to navigate back by pressing a button with the proper animation and without opening the “main screen” on top?

I think that this is impossible in Thunkable X. Stackable - a native and basic mode for iOS but not for Android


thanks for your reply. I don’t want to get the swipe back feature to android (even if this would be nice) but I am looking for a way to go back to previous screen by pressing a button. Unfortunately when I use the “navigate to” block the previous screen will be opened on top of the current screen instead of going back. Do you know what I mean?

best, Chris

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why you say you can’t chance the color of the header? when you add a screen to a stack navigator , new options appear in the screen settings and there is the option to chance the color

Or did I get you wrong?

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Oh thanks I didn’t realize that those settings where to find in the screens settings - I was looking for them in the Stack Navigator settings. However unfortunately I think I cannot change the font Size, can I? Therefor I would still need a way to make a “go back” icon because I want the header to have the same font size than the rest of my screens.

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@Chris this is killing me too. On Android it is not an issue since you have the “back” button on screen as part of the OS. On iOS though, it is not the case and the only real option is to swipe right to go back. Has anyone found a clever solution to this issue?

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