How to disable swiping back


How can I disable the swiping back navigation by swiping right on the top part of the screen (Using no navigators, just basic screens), on the Live app it seems to go back to the previous screen when I swipe right on the top portion of the screen, is there a way to only have navigation done in the logic?

Joshua Riley

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Hi, @joshuariley! :wave:

You must be using an iPhone device / any other iOS device to use Thunkable Live.
I think since iPhone(s) don’t have a default system-dedicated back button, like Androids have, Thunkable has made a swipe system to go back. (I think so. This is not the key reason)

Also, can you please provide a link to your project, so we can see what’s really happening.

Thanks! :blush:

I’m having the same issue. I don’t use navigators but all apps I create can be ‘backswiped’ by default when users are swiping right from the left edge of the screen.

I use an iPhone 11 iOS 13

Hey @jared did you ever find a solution for this?

No fix for me. Have you played with all the settings?

Yep, no luck. I posted a feature request if you want to upvote Disable Swiping Back · Issue #833 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

I wonder if @thunkable had any input on this?

@domhnallohanlon do you have any insight on this feature as having the potential to be disabled?

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Have you tried the stack navigator?

Thanks but I can’t have a bar across the top of my screens as screen space is already tight as is.

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Which bar, stack navigator does not have a bar!!!

I haven’t used it but the documentation says ‘The Stack navigator creates a header bar across all screens’. Is this right?

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I think it has an option to switch it off.

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How do you disable swiping back with the stack navigator? Is there a setting?

A workaround for this issue is the screen that it’s swiping TO, add a variable on whether you want to stay there or not (something like StayOnScreenAfterSwipe), and if it’s set to False, you can then in the Open block send it back to the previous screen (if you know where it came from) using the Navigate To block.

For example, I have a basic splash window that displays when the app first opens. I set it to return to the main view if that variable is false.

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Actually, the only solution is to use a bottom tab navigator.

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The only Navigator that has a control option for the gesture is the stack navigator.

I tried it but unfortunately it did not give any effect.

I apologize.

Ah right I didn’t see that setting. So even with Gesture Enabled: false you could still swipe back? Thanks anyway!

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Yes, I tried it both ways and the swipe back still happens.

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