Screen Swipe even if i dont want to

Hi all,
I have made a game app that has a few screens screens. When i am at the main screen to play - i have discovered that it is possible to swipe back to the first screen. Consequently i can also swipe to other screens in the app that i have had opened.

I hve not added any extensions or other feature to navigate via swiping or press a TAB - because i do not want to have that. I only want to user to press one button to go to another screen.

Anyone familliar with this prob ??
Thanks in advance for any help…

There must be something that’s causing the swiping to activate a screen switch. I just tested an app that has multiple screens and I definitely cannot navigate to another screen by swiping in iOS.

I have the same backswipe issues on iOS. it’s a pain. it only goes to the previous screen though

And you don’t have any Navigator objects? Can either of you post a link to your project?

For sure. I’ll post a video on YouTube of the issue in a Few minutes also.

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Ah, sorry, I don’t have a Pro account so I can’t view it. Maybe someone else can help test it.

There you go, I just played the project oven. Feel free to download it on the android or Apple Apple stores also I just went live with those today! My first published App!!!

What’s the app called on the App Store?

I was only able to get to the Sign In screen from the link you provided. And swiping didn’t do anything for me. But I can see the problem in the video you posted.

Behavior report card

Congratulations on publishing your first app!

I downloaded it to my iPhone 8 running iOS 13.3. When I opened the app, an alert appeared and it just said “jo” with a close “x” button. Nothing else.

After I closed it, I tapped on Sign-up from the login screen and it just showed a splash screen and then the login screen again.

Has anyone figured out how to fix this issue? I am still having it and it is very annoying.

Can you share a screenshot of what you component tree looks like please @mythi?


Is this what you mean by a component tree?

I have to add a Screen1 as like a middle-man to prevent users from swiping back and glitching the game (esp because my game involves Speech Recognizer).

That’s it exactly.

Are you using any of the Navigator components to organise your screen?

Nope, just a bunch of screens