Go back on swipe iOS

Hey, How to avoid or disable go back on swipe from left to right … thx


I think disabling Gestures in the screen / navigator settings should do that job.


I don’t see that option ?

I use some stack nav and bottom nav and top nav there is no page out of a menu

I don’t want that the user can swipe back to the login screen after login

This setting is what I mean. I have it when I click on a screens settings:

I will try that thx


don’t have that

you do in screens that are within a stackable navigator. Can you show me at what screen you mean or a screen recording of what happens?

I fixed thx :slight_smile:


still need your help SO when the screen start and if not logged in it goes to login screen but on swipe the person can go back and I don’t want that even if login it can go back…thx

When I test your app I only see these two screens:

I cannot swipe back but I can swipe between the two of them - is that what you mean?

Thats normal the two screens but tou can swipe back to the lodging page the first one ? That is what I want to avaid

the password is 24

unfortunately I can’t find a way to prevent that… Really sorry but I think “gestures enabled” was actually meant to do what you are asking for but somehow it does not seem to work…

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Yeah really strange… I could put my login screen on the first screen and hide if logged in but the problem is I use the navs and them I can’t hide but thank you @domhnallohanlon is that a bug that disabled gesture doesn’t work ?

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Find a solution lot of navs but i makes it good hh https://x.thunkable.com/copy/3f26f8499e35cffda8d9b6c527b75e90 code is 1 …

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