How can I block a user from 'going back' after signing out?

I have got a logout button which brings users to the sign-in screen, but users can still simply swipe back, or press their physical back button to bring them back to the settings page. Any idea how I can avoid/block this from being possible?

How about adding a check on the previous screen with the help of a local storage that determines if the user is still logged in ?


Hi @billyljren, thank you for this idea! That works perfectly! I’ve also found that I can use this as well, which I never new existed:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

That backbutton pressed I think is only for android on ios they can swipe back I think…

Interesting, unfortunately I don’t have an IOS device to try this on! It seems to work for the button-less swipe back gesture on Android :slight_smile: