[Superpost] Can I use a button to close an app?

There’s a way to close an iOs app clicking on a button or similar?
Something like:

From App Store Review Guidelines:

We found that your app includes a UI control for quitting the app. This is not in compliance with the iOS Human Interface Guidelines, as required by the App Store Review Guidelines.

Please refer to the attached screenshot/s for reference.

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines specify,

"Always Be Prepared to Stop iOS applications stop when people press the Home button to open a different application or use a device feature, such as the phone. In particular, people don’t tap an application close button or select Quit from a menu. To provide a good stopping experience, an iOS application should:

Save user data as soon as possible and as often as reasonable because an exit or terminate notification can arrive at any time.

Save the current state when stopping, at the finest level of detail possible so that people don’t lose their context when they start the application again. For example, if your app displays scrolling data, save the current scroll position."


It’s clear! I’m not used to iOS world and find it a bit confused… maybe I’m old :slight_smile:

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I would like to insert a button that will close the app

hi, dear friends;
how can i make an “exit” button in thunkable x?
please help me…

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there is no such function.

hi actech, what about back from screen 2 to screen 1 on iOS? on android can use back softkey.

In Thunkable X, you can return to the previous screen with a swipe gesture (if available) or by using the block to go to the screen or by using navigator component

hi, tnx for your answer, We can go to the “First Screen” for example, then how should we “exit” from the app? there is no swipe gesture or navigator component in thunkable x yet.

To do this, on iOS, double-click the system button and close the app (swipe gesture). On Android, you can exit the application by clicking the Back button.

Hi, tnx for your answer, but suppose you have 30 screens you have navigated between screens you have seen screen 25, 3, 15, 17, 14, 24, 2, 28, 10, 12, 29, respectively. Now you want to “exit” the application. even if you have a “first page” button in each screen, when you come to the first screen, using the cellphone back button you should see again all the screens you have seen before and then you will be able to “exit” this is really ridiculous. How could The platform like “THUNKABLE X” have no “exit” button to close the application!!!

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To close the application on Android, you do not need to press the Back button 30 times. You need to move the application to the background and remove it from there with a swipe gesture.

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ok, what about ios, in this platform we build apps for Android and IOS.

To do this, on iOS, double-click the system button and close the app (swipe gesture)

Thunkable X doesn’t have a feature to exit your app entirely due to the way app design works - it would confuse the user to have the app suddenly exit without pressing the Home button!

An Android user can:

  • Keep on pressing the Back button until the app hides and the Android launcher is shown.
  • Press the Home button to show the Android launcher.
  • Double-press the Home button or press the Recents button to show what apps are open and to close them via swiping or hitting a close button per-app.

(Android devices and their ROMs/forks vary in this area due to the widespread nature of the operating system.)

An iOS user can:

  • Press the Home button (non-iPhone X) or swiping from the bottom (iPhone X) to show the Home screen.
  • Double-press the Home button to show what apps are open and to close them via swiping (non-iPhone X) or hitting a close button (iPhone X) per-app.

have anyway for this back"exit application" function ?

have another method? ^^ :wink:

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no such property

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How to close application, if i use splash screen?

how do i close the app? The classic used to have blocks that close the app when back button pressed. but i can’t find that in the new x. any help?