How do I create an exit button for my app?

Hello everybody I am a student Just starting to write applications using thunkable programs x I am not a premium member Now I have a problem. I was not able to create an exit button, so I was unable to send the job to the teacher. So I want to ask for help. Thank you.


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Just a quick question.
Do you wanna to click the button to exit ( close the application ) or click the button to previous screen?


To close the app there should be no solution at the moment, you just go to the home screen or force close it, to go to the previous or another screen there is the ‘go to ‘screen name’’ command.

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We’ll be working on this soon.



There’s no way to set exit??

Oh my god, I wanted it too, and I need help :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

I cant find button ( close application )

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Welcome to Thunkable. There is no exit button. Apple doesn’t actually allow apps to close themselves.

A brief search of the forums will yield many posts on this subject, including another one this week. :slight_smile:

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