Assistance Debugging

I recently paid someone to help build me an app for an upcoming film project of mine. The developer was not nearly as experienced as they presented themselves and left me hanging with a buggy app. Is anyone available to perhaps help me debug this app? I will need to debug 3-4 things and then replace all graphics. I have all updated graphics so that should be an easy fix. Please hit me up. I will be able to compensate you for the help. I am looking to have this completed by the 1st or earlier. Hit me up with any questions. Thanks!

Is it a thunkable X app?

send me the link with a list of issues and I can see if I can help

Sure. Check PM

I cannot PM you for some reason. Here is the project. The main bug is the wheel that disappears.


The wheel disappears for the reason that its image is constantly loading, but does not have time to appear on the screen. With Thuinkable X, it’s impossible to create a smooth animation. This requires Web animation in the WebViewer component.