Cant reach my application

I added an animation, and now i cant reach my application. as soon as i open the app the web browser just refresh. Any chance you can fix this?

The animation current getbug :slight_smile:

Yes. the animation is getting a bug.
It’s not working for me too.

Hey @snaig45p9u7x9 - sorry to hear about this.

If you remove the animation component (for now) will that (temporarily) solve this issue?

I tried to. But, the screen closes immediately after opening Designer.

Hi there,
When I tried to remove the animation component and deleted that file,the Thunkable working station was being white background instantly,even I cannot delete that file although I clicked the bin icon.Moreover,it was crashed or loop a lot of time the refresh immediately.This problem is so trouble to us.Hopefully,please fix it as soon as possible.We will be grateful!

I removed the animation component. Try your app.