Why does My app randomly have An on click animation for Every Component?

Hello everyone.
I have a bit of a anoying problem in My app.
I’ve Just installed IT and When ever i press on the screen at a random position.
My whole app Gets An on click animation.
Wich is the same as the button Component.
This is really anoying.
Does Anyone have this too?
OR am I the only one?

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I can’t not that

Hmm that’s wierd

Nope, haven’t experienced this. Is this happening in the Design tab? When editing or previewing? Can you post a video showing the problem?

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Here is a video:
Screen recording 2021-04-30 7.27.05 PM.mp4.txt (1.5 MB)
please rename it to mp4 as i cannot upload mp4 files.
This only happens when downloading the apk file.

Even after renaming the file extension to .mp4, I wasn’t able to open the file.

Are you saying it’s only happening when you install the .apk on your phone?

Not when you preview it on your phone as a Live Test?

IT also happens in the companion.
Also here is a link to the video:

Okay, that video worked. What is the app you’re opening it in? Is that an emulator?

But you said it happens on the phone in the Thunkable app as well… hmm, not sure. If you like, post a link to your project and someone can help figure out why this is happening.

Are you use read only?

Just installing the apk file OR thunkable live.


Do you use Close keyboard

What do you mean.



Here is the project link:

It cannot, too!

Hmm that’s wierd.
Maybe i Just got to create a new project.

No I mean I’m not ok
You can set this post tag of the community to #bugs

I’ve checked if this also happens in other projects.
And yes the same happens.

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