Applications do not download correctly

Applications used to be correct and now downloading is not correct, what happened?The live test is good, but if you download the application, everything on the screen is compressed. And so all applications.

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Can you please provide a screenshot of both live-test and compiled/downloaded app?
That would help a lot! :smile:

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I posted the same issue (I think) 2 days ago under the heading “Screen 1 on IOS Live Test and Download suddenly seems corrupted”. I also put screen shots on the post. No-one has commented but I’m wondering if its connected? For what it’s worth, it happened after I downloaded to IOS and then also seemed to affect what I see on Live Test on IOS. If I live test the app on an android, the stuff isn’t compressed so it looks like it might be an IOS issue?
Anyway, hoping someone might be able to help.


Could you please post a copy/share link to your app?

Also, can you tell me if you, by any chance, have set Scrollable to true for your Screen? If so, please try it by setting it back to false and let us know if that changes the behavior.

Thanks in advance.


Yes! Scrollable. Thank!:blush:


Any chance you can post a copy/share link to your app so that we can replicate the issue? See here for how to do that.