Downloaded app does not seem to be the same like a live tested

I’m testing my app on iPad.
If I use Live Test app works (I don’t see an image but doesn’t matter at the moment) but if i download app I could install it and launch it but it doesn’t works (blank screen).

Hi there. Can you screenshot your app project? It’ll help us figure out what might be going on

Albert @ Thunkable

It’s a very simple app that reset a demo environment of my company main webapp. Android version it’s ok and used.
Here the user interface:

And here the blocks:

Thanks for your help.

Now it’s working but there is a strange thing: the App icon is not the icon I’ve uploaded. This icon is green and shows a sort of 2 hands supporting a disc with an oriental writing.

@giorgiospugnesi we just deployed a fix that we are hopeful will resolve your seeing the wrong icon. Please let us know if it happens again. Thanks for the report!

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Thanks @mike! Anyway resolved as you can read here App icon issue (it's not my icon)
Happy to have been helpful!

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