Scrollable Screen issue

Hi - I’ve got multiple scrollable screens in my new app - the scrollable option is set to true and therefore all items on the screen are set in pixel sizes. The scrolling works in live testing but not when I build the app. Does anyone know why?

Create a new application with a scrollable screen and place Label in it with large text. You want to say that this text scrolls in Thunkable Live X and does not scroll when you download apk this application to some kind of Android device?

I am testing only on an iPhone. The screens scroll when in Live Testing but not when the app is downloaded on my iPhone.

Under “Live Testing” do you mean running the application in the Thunkable Live application on iPhone? If so, then you download the application using the Download iOS App command, install it on the phone and after that the content of the screen does not scroll? When you move your finger across the contents of the screen, it does not move at all or something happens?

Yes, I live test using Thunkable Live. Yes, the app when downloaded usind Download iOS App command doesn’t scroll/move at all.

If you give me a link to your application, then I’ll look at this problem. Which version of iOS are you using?


Thanks for letting us know about this. It is a known bug and we are currently working on it.

Happy Thunking!



Hi Mark,
Any idea on when this will be fixed?

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Hi Mark webviewer scrolling problem still exists.


Sorry that you are having difficulties. The Web Viewer seems fine in our tests. Are you having problems in the Thunkable Live companion or in a downloaded app? If it is the former, please make sure that you have the latest version installed. If you are still seeing the issue after that, could you share with us a simple project which exhibits the problem?


Hi, Im having issues which my screen did not scroll although I already make it scrollable in designated column. Help me :smiley:


So, your column is actually longer than the physical screen and you and your app users will need to scroll up to see more, right?

Other than Column Scrollable = True, did you set/select the value of the Column Height = “Fit Contents” ?

Also, it’s recommended to set Vertical Alignment = Top, and adjust the spacing between the screen items with Margin Top or Bottom because sometimes the “Center”, “Space-between” or “Space-around” does not give you the results you want.


Hi, thank you andrew it helps a lot! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m using the app and most of my pages still won’t scroll. I have one page that works fine but the others don’t. I indicated for the page to be scrollable both in the Blocks section and the Design section. I’m using the Thunkable Live app.


I am a student at Westlake Girls Highschool and I am trying to test out the live test of the app.
The screen pages scroll but bounce back and don’t stay in place.
Could someone please help out! This app is for a school internal.

Shella :grinning:

do your settings for the scrollable part of your screen look like this? are you making a column or the whole screen scrollable?

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Hi Jared!

Thanks for the reply. :grinning:
I made the column scrollable and yes I have changed the settings to look like that but the screen still bounces back.

if you post a share link i could look at the project for you!

Hello Jared!

Here is the share link

Thanks for the help! :grinning:

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