Difference between Live Test on PC and smartphone

Hello everyone, I notice differences running between Live Test on the PC and Thunkable Live on the smartphone.
I have a simple screen consisting of a row (height 5%), a row (fill container) and a row (height 5%).
The middle row is set to Scrollable–>True.
It works fine with the preview, it works fine with the Live Test on the PC but with Thunkable Live on the smartphone it does not allow me to scroll.
Have I made a mistake?
This is preview:

This is Live Test on PC:

This is Thunkable Live on smartphone:

as can be seen, the scroll bar on the right is missing and therefore does not allow scrolling.

Thank you

This is a simple example to try:

while on the PC it works with Thunkable Live on the smartphone the body does not scroll.
Can anyone tell me why?
Thank you.

@biagio.prisco You would need to set the parent level screen itself to also be scrollable for the body of this message to scroll.

@conroy33 thanks for your input, but that’s not the problem.
The screenshot I made as an example consists of a row, a column and a row.
Only the content of the column (the central part) should scroll, not the whole page!
If I try on the PC with Live Test or with the preview it works fine.
But if I try Thunkable Live on my smartphone Android, the central part doesn’t scroll.
This is the anomaly I encountered.

Can anyone explain to me the reason for this anomaly?
Thank you.

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