New version of Thunkable Live for iOS and Android: Is anyone else having sudden problems besides me?

After updating to the latest version, my scrollable screens suddenly don’t work like before :rage: .

It has always been adventurous with scrolling, because web and mobile display are different. What looks great in the live test web browser is partly unusable on mobile devices. Like apparently many other thunkers, I’ve written routines for myself to first check which OS is running when I open a screen. Depending on the environment, parameters are then set accordingly (fill container vs. fit contents, etc.) Figuring all this out took a very long time but my solution worked fine for a long time now. Now new versions of the mobile live app have been released - and suddenly the whole fuss starts all over again. I am totally annoyed. Can any of you confirm this experience?

Can you clarify in what way they aren’t working? Such as:

  • column/row or drag and drop
  • any navigators?
  • screen, column, or row scrolling
  • Component sizing within scrollable component (fit, relative, absolute)
  • lists
  • data viewers

Will try to add some screen captures with the different behavoir here during next days. Thanks, @drted

In Video 1 you can see how the scrolling worked until the last release of the live app. You easily can scroll upwards / downwards until the end of the column, which contains 3 dataviewer_lists:

After updating to the latest version of the live app, scrolling is broken. When trying to scroll, there seems to be resistance and the list flips against it. Very annoying:

@migo in video 1 you aren’t using the Live App.

This is what your project looks like when it’s installed on in a device.

Yes, of course :upside_down_face:. I can’t create a demo video with the old version of the live app anymore, because I already have the new version installed. The video is only to illustrate how it looked before - both in the live app, as well as in the installed application.

Addition after todays test: With the brandnew, yesterday released version 254-1 of live-app the scrolling problems seems to be solved again :grinning: :sweat_smile: :+1:. The common workaround to decide depending on the device-type whether the scroll window height is described with “fill container” or “fit contents” works again! Thanks, development team!

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