Scrollable screen not working after Thunkable update

Hi Guys

Anyone else had formatting and scrolling issues???

Problems after Thunkable update. The App that is live is OK but I am about to roll out an update and ran some tests to find out the following problems.

  1. My Original not touched App on Live Test is not scrolling on LIVE TEST or I also emailed the original not touched App to my phone and installed and had problems the same problems. Yet it is fine on the App store. It has always scrolled, but the only way I can get it to scroll is to touch the background image not the text boxes.
    Image below shows the set up with a COLUMN with multiple rows in it. COLUMN is set to scroll as it always has been and has always scrolled.

  2. The height on the text boxes has changed to twice the height. Has always been set to ABSOLUTE Height of 25 See the second text box in image
    Looking like I have to do an ABSOLUTE of 35. Lots of boxes to change See first text box in image

Solved my problem. I had rows with text fields inside them and the text fields were set to an absolute height. App has been on the stores for 2 years and that has worked. Not sure what changed in the last days or weeks.
All rows set to fill container and all text fields set to fill container and now scrolling works.

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