App not switching screens when pressing button?

After clicking the continue button, the app is supposed to store the relevant fields in variables (username, password, etc) and switch screens, however, after clicking the button, the app stays on the current screen. All of the blocks that store the fields are working properly (I’ve confirmed this by checking the Airtable spreadsheet I’m using to store user data). Any ideas why it might not be working?


Put a label here to see if it is getting there.

Put labels as you proceed just to test where in the loop things are working and breaking.I

I would put one here as well



I was able to fix it, turns out I forgot to insert a get object from JSON block before the get property blocks. The login button is still not working though :frowning:

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Separate issue, please open a new topic.

I will see it. it just helps everyone. Thanks

@Cian_O_Sullivan Read our PM please. I sent you another version of my app​:wink::smile:

@javier1734, please feel free to post publicly in the community - that way anyone in the community can help you. If you send a PM to someone they may be away from the community for a few days and you question might go unanswered.

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