Airtable make list from row

Hi There
I’m having some troubles with Airtable.
I need to get the contents of whole (365 cell long) row
Convert to a list then create a sub list from list number x to y
I have tried using the get properties of object block with the value block from spreadsheet get row but this doesn’t seem to work
If anyone could give me some help or even better the correct blocks that would be really appreciated

Hi @badbrains

Just to clarify - you have 365 columns in your Airtable base? (is it one for every day of the year?)

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you are using at the moment? This shouldn’t be too difficult to troubleshoot.


HI Domhnall
thanks for getting back. Yes I’m trying to make an app for staff members to request holidays.
I wanted to store the staff members holiday dates and attendance status for the year on an air table sheet and the staff member to be able to request a holiday period by choosing a start and end date with the date picker and check on the air table sheet which days are available.
here is a link

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Do you have any data in the airtable already?

When I looked at the app, i see you use variables but no initialization blocks. Could this be the source of your errors?

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was not aware I needed to use an initialization block when the variable has been set to a start value on an event (screen open/button click) usually works fine for me.