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I tried adding a data source to my app that im making, however when I add a “Data viewer grid”, it only allows me to select data sources which have already been added in the template that im editing. I want to add my own spreadsheet but cant find the option

I got that to work but then now my register page is not working somehow. When I click the button nothing happens. (I was editing the template for login and profile tutorial)

Mind readers, we are not.

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When I try to login it says “You were able to login, but no profile was found for you0”
Thunkable (Link)

As @jared suggested above, you need to provide a lot more details in your posts.

What were you trying to login to? Firebase? Some other url?

Is there a button event or set of blocks that aren’t working for you? If so, provide a screenshot. And a link to your project is helpful if you’ve been specific about what we should look at (which screen, which component).

Thanks for replying,

I was testing out the Login screen in the app that I was editing. I think what doesnt work is that the spreadsheet (Which contains info related to profiles created) does not update, which causes the login screen to say “You were able to login but no profile was found for you0”

Project link - (Thunkable)

@vj1010, I found the error
The error is in your login code, getuserid function,
You have given different paths and different values for variables, so you are getting this issue.
Fix this.

what should I do to fix it? which variables and paths? @ak_coder

Also the data table does not update however the firebase does.

hello? any1

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