Add friends in app

Hello thunkers! I am trying to create an app and I need your help with something. Would it be possible to add friends and see their profiles in app?


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you mean how? are we able to add developers in thunkable project?

The question was whether it’s possible to “add friends and see their profiles.” You can add whatever data you want to a Thunkable project so in that sense, it’s possible.


So then, they need a way of doing that?

And what would the algorithm be ?

It’s hard to know without knowing more about your app. Can you give some specific examples of how you want this to work?

I want every person to have an account with an username. Each user should be able to search for a username and add anyone as a friend.

I think you could do this with just about any external data source. I would probably use Firebase because I’m familiar with it but Google Sheets or Airtable could work too. The nice thing about Firebase is that you can use the Sign Up/Sign In/Sign Out blocks in Thunkable to generate account user IDs. That way each record in the database has a unique data value. And you can then attach usernames and other profile data to each record.

So I’d say start by getting the sign in working in Firebase. There are tutorial videos and documentation available if you Google Firebase Thunkable.